Soap that smells good enough to eatSoap that smells good enough to eat

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Soap that smells good enough to eat

One of my favourite gifts to give and received is cool soap. Soap used to all be so standard and boring but now you can find these amazing soaps that are basically works of art. They look like something you can eat, smell like something you can eat and they still make your skin feel amazing. Beautiful soap is my indulgence and I'm always trying new brands and products to find something special. This blog keeps a track of my reviews and favourite soap products, as well as some DIY soap recipes you can make at home. Come and get soapy!


Maintain Your Youthful Skin With These Four Virtually Effortless Anti-Aging Techniques

If you want to have younger looking skin, you can invest in anti-ageing treatments, but there are also completely effortless things you can do. Want to slow the ageing process without lifting a finger? Here are four of the easiest anti-ageing techniques to help your skin stay looking young:

1. Take naps

Sleep is virtually effortless. Just put on some comfortable clothes, crawl into your bed or sprawl out on the sofa, close your eyes and let sleep take you.

Not getting enough sleep is closely linked to increased wrinkles, circles under your eyes and puffy skin. When you don't get enough sleep, your body produces stress hormones which break down your skin's collagen -- this makes it look more brittle and less elastic than youthful skin.

However, if you kip throughout the day or sleep a lot at night, you give your skin a chance to strengthen and repair itself.

2. Meditate

If you can't fall asleep, don't worry. Just meditate. If you've never meditated before, don't fret about getting it "right". Simply relax and let your mind focus on nothing at all. If thoughts try to intrude upon you, visualise something calm and steady such as waves hitting the beach.

While the research on meditation and anti-ageing treatments is still being conducted, there are indications that meditation can help. In particular, a large body of research looking at cultures where meditation is popular indicate that it can slow the ageing process.

Meditation is also widely attributed to reducing stress levels, and high stress levels break down cells, causing your skin to age.

3. Drink water

Drinking water takes slightly more effort than lying down, but it isn't super challenging. Invest in a water bottle to make it easy for you, or just treat yourself to bottled water while you are out. It may seem like a pointless purchase, but in most cases, it's cheaper than a latte and better for your skin so why not indulge?

4. Wear a hat

Once you finish shopping and placing it on your head, wearing a hat is effort-free, and it is one of the most effective ways at slowly the aging process, especially in sunny Australia.

Hats prevent the sun from reaching your skin, and that is critical. Sun exposure accounts for 80 percent of wrinkles, and based on this number, if you wear a hat, you can effectively prevent almost all of your potential wrinkles from forming.